Database Searching as you please

Imagine the luxury of producing all your search questions on your screen within seconds.
Imagine the advantage of making all paper files instantly accessible and even a waste of office space.

In order to keep these valuable IPRO bulletins accessible for now and, more important, in the future,
the alternative of the electronic option provides a wide range of possibilities to build up your own individual in-house patent database.
To manage the data reports IPRO created an MSAccess template, which can be implemented into your PC or network.

IPRO has all necessary elements available to realize this ideal!

The IPRO database contains the bibliographic details of millions of patent publications over the last 15 years.
Following IPRO’s philosophy of making patent information affordable, we do not intend to make this information available through “another” on-line service. A far better way is to share the know-how and offer this search source to our clients in combination with a subscription. Only a small fee for production and selection costs will be charged.

According to your selection, a download from this source could result in a free to use and full searchable database which can be referred to as you please. Basic information of all those publications you saw passing by over the last 15 years at hand on one CD.

Of course IPRO will supply you bi-weekly with the digital updates through your current subscription.

No doubt, the ultimate archiving and consequently searching facilities through your patent library would be the actual link to the document itself.
This could be the basis of full text patent searching.

A great variety is available e.g. “full documents”, “first page only”, “first (page -claim - drawing)”, etc.

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