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The profile:
All publications of the countries which are included in the IPRO watching services range are covered. This means that no restrictions are applied to any technologies. Next to some 500 standard subjects (Click here for full listing), any individual selection and combination of International Patent Classes (IPC) and subgroups can be entered as a profile. If the client is not familiar with the IPC, IPRO specialists can translate the relevant catchwords into a class selection. For all selections main- and subclasses are covered.
The assignee can also be the key selection of a patent literature watching service.
Fast Information:

Every two weeks a compilation of the results of your search will be submitted either by printed lists, e-mail or disc. These bulletins contain all details on newly published patent literature within an individual selection of countries.
The fast turn-around time of a couple of weeks provides plenty of time for opposition.

What is mentioned:

Standard patent watching bulletins contain the standard bibligraphical data. (Click here to view a sample list )

Publications covered:

Currently the following publications of publishing authorities are automatically included. AT, CH, DE, EP, FR, GB, NL, SE, US and WO. Other (Far East) authorities like CN, JP, KR and SG can be included in the surveillance also. In total 53 countries can be included.


Including a 15 years database on CD-ROM.

Patent Searches

Novelty, infringement and “State-of-the-art”!

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