In general, IPRO will always give a price offer in advance.

To give an indication we have given some standard prices on this page.

IPC Surveillance

1 standard subject covering the standard countries, € 195,– per year
[ GBP 150,-- or US$ 375,--]
The same subject, with abstracts added for US and WO publications, € 260.– per year. [GBP 200.-- or US$ 500,--]

Including the Far-East countries, € 385,– per year. [ GBP 300,-- or US$ 750,--]

Patentee Surveillance

The patentee surveillance strarts from  € 45.– for the first name per year.

Database History Files

15 Years database starting from € 365,– Please contact IPRO for further details.

Patent Searches

Because of the individual character, free of charge, estimate of time and cost by return.

Please e-mail IPRO for a best offer, or download a fax-reply-form here.

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