Over 60 years ago the International Patent Research Office started as one of the first private and independent patent information agencies.
From the very start IPRO proved that a patent alerting service could be offered for a price so low that there was no valid excuse to go without patent watching.
Many thousands of clients have used this unique service for a surprisingly long period as most of them realize no other cost effective alternative was available. IPRO’s philosophy of making patent information accessible to all instead of just the chosen few has not changed. The service as such, however, is continuously being adjusted to:

  • The latest technologies.
  • The implementation of the many suggestions of the information users.

As many will be aware, IPRO has built up its reputation from its unique Patent Bulletins.
Alerting users of recently published patents within their specialized field. Based on 60 years of experience and in corporation with thousands of clients, IPRO has built up its own classification system, resulting into some 500 standard subjects. Using this system all relevant patent publications in a chosen field of technology can be extracted from the avalanche of patents issued each week throughout the world.
A more effective approach can be achieved by entering a tailor-cut selection of Patent classes.
This will result into bulletin summaries of patents within the individual profile.

Other services that IPRO offers include Paten-tee Bulletins (watching specific patent assignees) and a more comprehensive Search Service for investigation into novelty, prior art and infringement.

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